Food tankers

Tankers in the Pawtrans fleet are specialized vehicles, ideally suited for the transport of food products and alcohol. The individual vehicle configuration tailored to the transported materials ensures a high degree of specialization and allows our customers to obtain important market advantages. In addition to paying attention to excellent quality in terms of material and processing, the ease of cleaning and the simple operation of our tanks also play a very important role for us.

Magyar and Feldbinder tankers, which are in our fleet, are constantly being improved to ensure the safety and conditions of the transported product. Electric and pneumatic assistance systems installed in vehicles reduce energy consumption and the workload necessary for the proper operation of the tanker, significantly improving the driver's comfort.

What distinguishes our tankers?

  • our tankers are impeccable hygiene and high technical standard,
  • all are insulated and heated, ATP certified and have veterinary approvals,
  • made in accordance with European food hygiene standards, stainless steel AISI 304/316,
  • ave complete equipment such as: pumps for loading and unloading, oil-free compressors, a set of connectors and reductions, food unloading hoses, a system of bottom-up valve service, overflow and pressure protection,
  • are equipped with an integrated air system, which, together with a special sterile filter, allows to maintain the asepticity of the transported product,
  • universality of loading and unloading, with the possibility of loading from top, from bottom; loading of many products,
  • the ability to monitor the route and product temperature 24h,
  • the capacity of tanks from 28000 to 33000 liters, together with the appropriate division of chambers (1, 2 or 3 chambers), ensures the correct use of cargo space, especially for sensitive products or products requiring proper tank filling.

What do we carry in our tankers?

  • fruit and vegetable juices and concentrates,
  • glucose, sweeteners, molasses, liquid sugar,
  • edible oils and fats,
  • chocolate and cocoa products,
  • wine, beer and other alcoholic beverages,
  • milk and dairy products,
  • food glycerin and food additives.
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