Transport of liquid feed products

The transport of liquid feed products is also an important segment of the services provided. In order to raise quality standards and ensure health safety of transported feed products, PAWTRANS has implemented the requirements of the GMP+ B.4 standard – road transport of feed materials and feed additives.

The basic assumption of this standard is to ensure the quality and safety of feed and feed materials throughout the feed chain. In PAWTRANS, the GMP+ B.4 system covers the service scope of transport of liquid and semi-liquid feed and feed materials. The implementation of the GMP+ B.4 system is part of the amended "Quality Policy and Food Safety Policy" of the company, assuming continuous care for the quality and health safety of transported feed.

Road tankers used by PAWTRANS dedicated for the transport of feed, have a sanitary inspection certificate allowing for the transport of products under veterinary supervision, are maintained in proper technical and hygienic condition, are washed and disinfected according to IDTF standards. To maintain the continuity of the GMP+ supply chain, we keep a fully transparent GMP+ transport register and a detailed history of washing and disinfection of the cargo space.

What products do we transport?

  • edible oils and fats dedicated for feed,
  • molasses and sweeteners,
  • soy lecithin and derived products,
  • dairy products dedicated for feed purposes,
  • glycerin and feed additives,
  • fatty acids and L-Lysine
  • yeast, enzymes and derivatives.
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