Tank containers

The tank container fleet is the ideal complement to food tankers, offering customers increased loading weight and greater flexibility in deliveries. Our tank containers meet all requirements related to the hygiene of foodstuffs, are made of stainless steel AISI 304/316 and their simple and well-thought-out design ensures safety and cleanliness for the transported product.

Our intrmodal transport department, together with trained and experienced drivers, can offer flexible solutions and help optimize transport costs. Intermodal transport also means lower emission of transport, bearing in mind sustainable development goals, by commissioning transport to us, you have the opportunity to realistically reduce CO2 emissions.

At the customer's request, we organize additional activities related to the storage of the product in the tank-container, heating the product, or provide additional equipment helpful in loading or unloading the tank-container.

What distinguishes our tank containers?

  • all are adequately insulated with independent electrical heating and steam heating lines, limiting drops or increases in the temperature of the product during transport,
  • a bottom-up service system that ensures safe operation of the container from ground level for the driver and operator,
  • single-chamber construction of the tank with a capacity of 31000 to 35000 liters, ensures maintaining the appropriate quality of the product and optimization of the loaded weight,
  • In combination with our chassis, it gives the possibility of unloading through appropriate reductions, unloading hoses and compressors supporting unloading.

What do we carry in tank containers?

  • fruit and vegetable juices and concentrates,
  • edible oils and fats,
  • glucose and sweeteners,
  • food glycerin and sorbitol.
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