Company history

The beginnings of the company date back to 1982. At that time, Mr. Stanisław Pawłowski founded his first business and carried out domestic transports for state-owned enterprises, transporting agri-food products.

In the years 1990-1995 there is a further development of transport activity, through the implementation of international orders in Europe and to eastern countries, to Russia. At the same time, looking for a niche in the industry, the company begins its first experience with food transport in tankers by carrying out orders for recognized European logistics operators.

In 1996, Stanisław Pawłowski made a strategic decision regarding the company's specialization in the field of transport of liquid food products in tanks. From the very beginning, the company has had an ambitious goal, to be a guarantor of food safety for its customers and to be a leader in the transport of liquid food in Poland.

In the years 1996 - 2000, the company implements the owner's strategy by expanding the base and fleet of vehicles, investing in the purchase of food tankers, opening tank-washe in Poniatowa.

Since 2000, Pawtrans has been experiencing dynamic development; it is constantly expanding the fleet of tankers, acquiring new customers, new markets, transporting new product groups such as: edible oils, chocolates.

In the years 2003-2005, having several years of experience in the food industry, the company implements ISO9001 quality procedures and HACCP food safety standards. Since then, it has become a noticeable player in the international market.

The years 2006-2010 are a dynamic development of the fleet of food tankers, reaching the amount of 100 units, hard work on improving transport hygiene, a new standard of execution and service of tankers. More customers notice impeccable quality, high hygiene and safety, joining the company's portfolio.

The following years were a dynamic period of technological development. Digitization of the company, implementation of TMS systems, ERP, advanced planning tools, GPS monitoring system, communication panel, streamlined operating procedures and improved operational efficiency.

In 2012, a new branch of the company was established in Trnava, Slovakia, where the company offers modern and professional tank cleaning services and a friendly operating base.

The years 2013-2016 are another period of improvement of the organization through the implementation of fully integrated monitoring of driver's working time, order monitoring, online cost settlement. This is the time of further development of the company, which translates into the number of over 180 transport units, the possibility of offering any type of food transport, any possible equipment, special conditions of aseptic kosher transport. During this time, the company has implemented operational procedures for the transport of feed products, according to the GMP+ B4 Transport standard.

The next two years was a dynamic development of the company's infrastructure. In 2016, a modern base, tank-wash, service, warehouse in Poniatowa and a branch of the company in Pietrzykowice near Wrocław were created.

In 2017, a new branch of the company was established in Grójec, offering washing of food tankers, service and repair of semi-trailers.

n 2018-2021, the company develops its activities in the field of sustainable development, introducing a new business model based on quality and environmental standards, implementing SQAS procedures in the field of transport, producing green energy, installing advanced energy-saving systems and minimizing the production of unnecessary waste.

Pawtrans participates in the ECOVADIS, SEDEX and a number of local initiatives that improve the environmental conditions and the life of the local community.

In 2021, as part of the Sustainable Development Goals, Pawtrans started operating in the field of intermodal transport, offering customers economic and ecological transport of food products in tank containers. Intermodal transport not only reduces greenhouse gas emissions, but also optimizes transport costs for the customer.

History of Pawtrans
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