Transport of liquid food products by road

PAWTRANS Holding sp. z o.o. is one of the leading carriers specializing in the transport of liquid food. Qualified personnel, a fleet of modern and ecological trucks and road-tankers, as well as telematics systems used are advantages that allow us to carry out even the most demanding transport tasks.

What do we transport?

  • fruit and vegetable juices and concentrates,
  • glucose, sweeteners, molasses, liquid sugar,
  • edible oils and fats,
  • chocolate and cocoa products,
  • wine, beer and other alcoholic beverages,
  • milk and dairy products,
  • food glycerin and food additives.

Where do we transport?

We carry out transport throughout Europe, Russia, Ukraine and Great Britain. Our professional team will prepare an appropriate offer for your company and present the best implementation of the route.

Why us?

  • Pawtrans has over 30 years of experience in the transport of liquid food products,
  • our services are characterized by reliability and high quality, by ensuring high punctuality of orders and meeting all technical and operational requirements,
  • a professional planning team and customer service office will ensure effective handling of logistics processes in your company,
  • fully qualified and experienced drivers will take care of proper hygiene and safety of your product throughout the transport process,
  • implemented and applied on a daily basis safety, quality, hygiene and sustainable development procedures, confirmed by independent certification bodies, confirm our utmost care for your product,
  • in a crisis situation, you will not be alone with the problem, our crisis response plan, a process-based approach to the analysis of hygienic hazards and food safety, will provide our expert help and support in crisis situations.
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