Sustainable development

For PAWTRANS Holding Sp. z o.o., sustainable development means finding the right and optimal balance between economic performance, social affairs and the environment.

PAWTRANS Holding Sp. z o.o. and the environment

We care about the natural environment in which we live and work through appropriate collection and selection of waste that we produce. We invest in modern vehicles that meet the strictest environmental requirements regarding exhaust emissions and noise. We transfer the generated waste only to specialized companies dealing with its disposal.

PAWTRANS Holding Sp. z o.o. and people

Employees in all positions are a fundamental element of the organization and constitute its highest good. We create a culture in which all employees are fully committed to achieving the organization's goals. In all our locations and in our transport, we have adopted a strict health and safety policy. We systematically train all employees in the field of health and safety, we also make constant investments in safe infrastructure and proper working environment conditions. In order to raise the safety standards of personnel, partners and visitors, we have implemented and apply the principles of SQAS (Safety and Quality Assessment System) – including: health and safety requirements, environmental protection requirements, quality/customers, safety based on routine behavior (BBS), prohibited drugs, training and non-compliance reporting.

PAWTRANS Holding Sp. z o.o. and suppliers

For PAWTRANS, sustainable economic activity is an important factor of value and growth. Consequently, careful selection of the best suppliers and subcontractors is of particular importance to PAWTRANS. Our contractors are selected in accordance with quality, economic and environmental criteria. A very important element of the assessment is also the degree of compliance with social and ecological standards. We make every effort to establish long-term cooperation with those companies that value sustainable development as much as we do.

Sustainability in transport

Transport services of PAWTRANS Holding Sp. z o.o. are characterized by very high quality and care for maintaining the highest organizational and technical standards. For PAWTRANS, active environmental protection starts at the very beginning – at the stage of configuring new vehicles and planning the most optimal routes. By definition, we try to act ecologically with the least impact on resources. Our vehicles meet the most stringent emission standards and drivers are trained and evaluated in eco-driving.

Health, Safety & Environment

HSE activities are key elements of our operational processes. Regular health and safety briefings at all locations increase our employees' awareness of safety and responsibility.

Environmental protection is not only about ad hoc actions on the part of the COMPANY. The goal of PAWTRANS Holding Sp. z o.o. is not only to comply with international and national regulations, laws and directives in the field of environmental protection, but also to achieve much stricter limits.

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